Tellace 2010 Coonawarra Shiraz
Market Price: 359.00 $A
Member Price: 280.00 $A
Diamond Member Price: 180.00 $A
type of wine: Dry red wine
place of production: Australia
kind of grape:shiraz
grade: Excellent
VOL alcohol: 14.8% VOL
volume: 750 ML
fragrance: fruit
color: Ruby
dishes to be combined: Steak, mutton, duck, chicken
recommended time for waking up: 30 min
best temperature for taste: 16 C
Product details

The artistic label of this dry red is designed from Blue Daisy, work of sculptor, Luo Xu, with his autograph.

On the hill 8 kilometers away from the eastern suburb of Kunming, there exists a native nest. Everyone who has been there were impressed by its fantastic design. The native nest is a bird-nest-like castle built with earth and rocks. It stays on a hill in eastern suburb and staring at the crowed suburb with its unique gesture. This is an architecture that refused armored concrete with its antique and plain gesture. It can leave everyone passing by a sense of time flying back. Its designer and builder is sculptor Luo Xu, a man with legendary experiences.