The Old and New World for Wine
I. The definition for the ¡°old¡± and ¡°new¡± world
The ¡°new world¡± refers to countries that have just stepped into the wine brewery industry for a shorter period of time such as America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The ¡°old world¡± refers to France, Italy and Germany, which are countries that enjoy a wine brewery history of several hundred of years.

The ¡°new world¡± includes the original European colony countries from the 1700s and the 1900s, which have the complete independents positions as newly emerging countries. There must come into being new evolution on the basis of the old ¡°soil¡±.

The ¡°old world¡± favor the traditional brewery skills while the ¡°new world¡± stress modern techonology.
The ¡°old world¡± pay emphasis on the original flavor of the wine and has more sour texture while the ¡°new world¡± stress the aroma of the wine and have more fragrance of the fruit.
II. The traditional wine from the ¡°old world¡±
The old world strictly obeys tradition on factors from the selection of grapes, planting to harvesting, squeezing, yeasting, and mixture to brewing. It inherit the cultural gene from the renaissance in the medieval times and its family tradition.

The old world is production-oriented and has traditional flavor as well as historical value.

Bottle, trademark and plug using are more traditional and direct the high-end customers. The appearance reflect and cultural functions.

Every process from wine planting to packaging and sales comply to the government¡¯s regulations and every vineyard has the fixed production and strict production area gradations.
III. The creative wine of ¡°new world¡±
The new world has innovation along with inheritance, revolutionized planting techniques, brewery concept and modernization in production organization. It is more attached to the market and meets the requirements of social customers. There is no gradations for production areas and grapes of different kinds could be mixed to make wine. They are flavor-oriented and less expensive.
IV. Australia red wine, a fresh infusion to the new world
It enjoys a history of 200 years, has vast vineyard located in the Mediterranean weather belt and produces grapes of great amount and high quality. The color is deep and has tender texture. Once the plug is removed a strong flavor of fruit comes out.

Australia has no burden of history and is bold to apply modern scientific technology in brewery. Australians are competitive, incessantly studying on the approach to improve the quality of the wine and has acquired various awards.