The story of labels

Different figures on labels

Mouton artistic label

Well-known artists of different nations, nationalities, styles and genres drew for labels early or late: surrealistic Mirro, romantic and child-like Armand, all-round oriented artist John•Houston, interpreter of fashion arts, Andy Warhol, one of the builders of New York "East Village", Keith Haring, absurd and unruly Francis Bacon, great master of sculpture, Henry Moore, and the top-notch masters in arts circle, Picasso, Kandinsky,etc. Including a Chinese artist Gu Gan once drew for the label of 1996. The elements of these drawings mainly come from the symbol og Mouton--Sheep, and grapes, wines and joy.

Various styles of labels

Cartoons and comics

More and more comic figures appear on labels to manifest some of the social situations. Some of them are sarcastic and have extensive meanings.


Many animals with noble images come onto labels, such as eagle, deer, fox, cat, dog and horse. Some brands adopt weird animal figures in stories, like jumping frog, rambling goat and flying pig.

Female customers

In recent decades, the quantity of wine bought by females covers 60%. The prices are not high. Instead, they pay more attention on the package. Georges Duboeuf in Beaujolais Villages and Perrier-Jout Champagne promoted labels with flower figures. The chateau of Bering promoted "white lies" and "desperate housewife".


Labels with subjects of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis increase the value of collection.

Sketch with arts
The famous "arts series" in the chateau of Leeuwin, the outstanding imitator of Mouton, invites local artists to design for different wines individually. The wines of the arts series are high quality with medium prices and colorful, changing and unique labels, which make wines more life-like and attractive.