Knowledge of Appreciation


Correct steps of tasting wines

Lay the wine flat to restore. The cork will be resolved after days of immersing and generate sawdust. Lay it up-right the day before drinking to make the sawdust deposit the the bottom. Notice that the bottom of the bottle heaves to the middle. This is not for convenience of holding the bottle, but to make the sawdust sink to the grooves.

Do not drink wine with ice, or put it in an ice bucket as we do with champagne. The optimized temperature for drinking is between 10 to 14 . In summer, you"d better put it in the cold closet of fridge first, and take it out half an hour or an hour before dinner. Open the bottle to make it alive gradually and make the temperature rise again.

Try wines

First we should observe the color of the wine. To observe it correctly, we should put the glass before something white and slightly lean the glass outward. Pay attention to observe whether there is sawdust or impurities. At the meantime, observe the color. Coffee means it went bad; amaranth means it is young; dull-red with surrounding brown yellow means good.

Then smell the wine. Cover your nose with the glass. Quality red wine smells "thick" and makes people think it strong and complicated. As the sensitivity of nose far surpasses tongue, sometimes when you drink a glass of wine for an hour, you still feel the smell keeps growing stronger that makes you feel sorry to drink more.

After smelling, is you feel the smell is strong, you can continue to try tasting. Take a sip and spread it to everywhere in mouth with your tongue to try to make the whole gustatory cells feel it.

Pour wines

People collect bottles of quality red wines,because some labels are like arts. To avoid wines " float" the label dirty, the correct way of pouring wine is to make the label upwards. Old wines(more than 8 to 10 years) must have sawdust in its bottom, even wines of 3 or 5 years have them. So you should be careful and not shake the bottle when you pour. At last, you should leave a little on the shoulders of the bottle. It is wrong to turn it up-right-down and pour to the last drop.

Sober wines up

After opening the bottle, we should observe its type, quality and maturity. Keep it still for a quarter to an hour to make it breathe with the air and process chemistry. If there is no more tolerance, you can pour it directly into a glass(according to international standard, no more than one third of the glass) and even sway the glass to accelerate the frequency of contact with the air.

There are two ways to sway a glass. One is to sway it inwards. Hang the glass in the air and evenly sway it. This may cost some techniques; the other way is to hold the foot with index finger and middle finger, put the whole palm on the bottom of the glass, press the bottom of the glass on the table and spin it like grinding ink. You should do it with tender strength, do not let the wine spill out.

Taste wines

Expensive and nice wines are art. You should not "drink" them, but "appreciate" them. Every time before appreciation, you should sway the glass first, and have a deep smell, then take a sip and hold the liquid in your mouth for a while, and then, you swallow it.

Please note that you should clean your mouth before drinking, or there will be print of lips on the glass. No one shot in drinking wines. In addition, you should not add sprite or lemonade into wine to break its real taste. It is also wrong to drink it one glass after another.