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Point One

The first point for allocation of wine and food is to make effect of "bringing out the best in each other", that is to say, to make the advantages of both clear and reduce disadvantages.


Point Two: Pick food of similar taste

Generally speaking, the taste of wine is rich with high acerbity. It is appropriate to allocate red meat with rich tastes(such as goose liver, beef steak, roasted meat, duck and mutton) and dairy products. The combination of tannin in red wine and protein can make tannin smooth and make the meat more tender. While for white meat with light flavors(such as pork, chicken and seafood), it goes with red wine,which also has light flavor. Because the acidity of the wine can remove the smell of meat and make it refreshing. But under many circumstances, seasonings and the way of cooking can change the original features of the food, thus, the allocation of wine changes. For example, roasted seafood with sauce or spicy white meat goes much better with Shiraz. Then we can see that allocation depend more on the taste after cooking then the original taste.


  Point Three: Allocation of opposite tastes

We can use some mutually opposite tastes to allocate dishes. Salt dishes can go with red wine of light body, spicy food can go with red wine with spicy taste or sweet white wine, and curry dishes can be allocated with white wine with light fragrance.

Point Four

Generally speaking, dessert, vegetable, and salad(with vinegar or lemonade) donot match up with the acid taste of red wine. It is better to allocate red wine with meat dish.

Point Five

If you want to feel the pure charm of wine, you should keep your mouth clean and your taste organs sensitive without any acid, cold, hot or spicy stimulate before drinking.

Point Six: Dry white with white meat

Reason: lite white meat like seafood and chicken is appropriate to match white wine. Because the acidity of red wine can remove the fishy smell and make it refreshing. 



Point Seven: Dry red with red meat

Reason: The combination of tannin in red wine and protein can make tannin smooth and make the meat more tender.


  We suggest you to order dishes first and wine later. If you pay attention to a dinner, especially a western-style dinner, you need to allocate it with with wines of different flavors. Usually the order starts from light white to mellow red, and then sweet noble rot. Young wines first and old ones later. In brief, light first and strong later, and do not let the taste of former red cover the later one. Of course, if you just want to order a bottle of wine, you can just decide red or white according to your main dish.

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