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Pick grapes

1 Pick grapes

In New South Wales in Australia, the time of maturity is in February. Every time when the season comes near, the wine brewing for the new year starts.


2 Remove the stems and seeds

The first step after the grapes being picked and delivered to the brewery is to remove the stems and seeds.


3 ferment the grapes

Next step is to mix the juice and grape skins in the fermentation tank together. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is being inoculated into the fermentation tank then. With the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, some of the juice sugar would be digested and transformed into alcohol. Thus, the first fermentation can finish.


4 Squeeze

Squeezing means to squeeze the juice in the skins out. Because at this time, there is no sugar, no matter in skins or juice. It can be completely called wine. Meanwhile, the function of squeezing can release the tannin in skins and kernels thoroughly out. Also, it can aggravate the aroma of wine with mixed taste.


5 Grow up in oak barrel
When the sugar in the body is completely less than 2g/L, the wine can be transferred into oak barrel and the malolactic fermentation can start. The wine and ask barrel gradually produce microbiological oxidation and manifest the mixed tastes, thick tannin, strong body and complicated layers of the drink to the fullest extent.


6 Bottle the wine
The time of wine becoming aged in oak barrel is decided by winemakers. Generally unevenly from 6 months to 18 months, sometimes even longer, of course. The wine at that time can be enjoyed, and the taste is smooth and mellow then. Next step is to bottle the wine and put it on sale. That is the process of grapes becoming wine.


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