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 Tellace wines covers an area of 100 acres (equals 600 mus), it used to be the Chateau of Molly"s Cradle Wines. It was established in 2000, and was fully taken over by Shanghai Zobon Real Estata Co., Ltd. in China in November, 2011. The vineyards were set mainly on slopes with abundant sunshine and rainfall. Tellace wines is renowned for its quality Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay, and these make the best wine with choice body, mellow fragrance, soft feelings and lasting taste.


"Molly’s Cradle" is a brand of a private family-owned holding company born in Rosebery in 1997. The concept of this brand is simple and clear---the best wine comes from the best grape. The vineyard it owns has developed into 25 acres from the original 17 acres. Based on its simple concept of implantology, "Molly"s Cradle" produces the most optimized wine. Starting from the first vineyard, it insists in manual care, pruning, and picking to ensure the winemakers get the best ones. It also turns the soil, irrigates, builds canopies and adopt light management technology to make use of Australian grape production"s adavantages to the fullest extent. In cellars, you can taste the particular wines that have never been put on sale, which taste unique and long-lasting.


At 12:18 on December 18, 2011, in the oldest Australian grape production area---Hunter Valley, with the falling of mysterious red veil, Tellace Wines held a grand opening ceremony, 4guests attended the ceremony, including 5 owners of Pepper Tree, Tyrells and Molly;s Cradle, representatives of PTW Architects, relevant units of Zobon in Australia. They witnessed the splendid debut of Zobon"s self-owned brand of wines.