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Tellacewines is located in vast and beautiful Hunter Valley of New South Wales. It is one of the main production areas in Australia with a distance of 150 kilometers from the downtown of Sydney. It takes a 2-hour car ride to go through highway No.1. The chateau stays at the exit of highway No.3 which will be open to traffic in 2013. The time of journey to Sydney can reduce half an hour then.


Hunter Valley is the oldest grape production area. In the early 1800s, the wine industry in Hunter Valley has developed into prosperity. There are over 80 vineyards and retail sales stores on the way from Sydney to Hunter Valley now.  


There are more than 60 varieties of grapes in Hunter Valley that can be brewed into dry red wine of different tastes with unique grace, limpidity and elegance. You shall not miss Semillon white wine and Shiraz red wine. There are nearly 120 chateaus in Hunter Valley, most of them are have been managed by generations of families. The secrets of making wine keep being taught in person to make sure the uniqueness and taste.